Welcome to, the home of the website of the most important band to ever grace the lives of anyone, ever. We are Frank Turbo and Boss Player, together: Robo Blood Monkey. Our music may cause your ears to pulsate and produce a milky puss, but it's a happy puss. For it is pure awesomeness that has graced your ears, and you are better for it. There are some who do not understand that which is our awesomeness, those who would say we "suck" or "have no talent". Those poor souls will die a horrible and painfull death, we'll see to that.



Word up faggots. Check out the fan pic "section" at the bottom of the page. some idiot fucker actually sent us his picture. God damned pumpkin fucker.

in other news, i was drinkin it up last night and busted out some mad beats on my laptop...a new RBM song is on the horizon...when you ask? good fucking question, anywhere from a couple days to...NEVER. fuck you, and fuck your mom.




Ok, so we smoke too much weed....i said it. Haven't really done anything at all even remotely related to our KICKASSAWESOME band lately... I did start work on a music video for our first single "Graveyard of Dead Cigarettes." a few weeks ago, and my buddy "Boss MUTHAFUCKIN Playa" and myself have set aside some time tomorrow night -DUE TO SPECIAL FAN REQUEST!!!11!!!1- to begin work on a new track. Please calm down, i realize this is piss-your-pants-holy-shit-the-world-is-gonna-explode-i-fucked-your-mom crazy ass news but you gotta pull yourself together. It's not our fault your parents raised you wrong. Eat shit and die, sign the guestbook, again shit-face, do it now, i don't care if you already did! you did a shitty job, do it better! PRAISE US!!!

oh, and in other news has requested we allow it to host our "necessary-to-the-evolution-of-the-world" music on it's website, so look for that in future updates. word. "we're still better than you."

-peace out losers.


We've got a guestbook up and running, so go sign the damn thing. Now, you fucker. I SAID NOW YOU FUCKER!!!



Our site is brand spankin new as of today and is under massive contruction, so our awesomeness may not be portrayed quite to it's full extent. But fear not useless drones, soon the apocolypse that is our splendor will be upon you.






Awesomeness, a way of life...

I'd like to take a minute to attempt to explain to you insultingly stupid people out there how awesome we really are. Let's play with numbers. Let's say for instance that a very small rock or piece of moldy bread has the awesomeness level of 5, and that a small child not yet burdened by the truths and confilcts of the hell surrounding it has the awesomeness level of 9. This would put you, the average idiot, at an awesomeness level of 2 and us at 783. Glad we could clear that up for you.

Fan Picture of the Month

Every month we'll post a new picture of one of you lucky idiots out there. Just send us an e-mail by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Attach a picture of yourself and explain why you think you deserve the God-like status you'll soon achieve by having your ugly mug posted on the most important website on the internet.


This is Shawn

Shawn is apparently a pumpkin fucker. Pumpkin fuckers get nowhere in life, remember that kids.